Cadet ROK

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Vortex Cadet Rok
The Vortex Mini ROK engine is a 60cc Piston Port with a electric starter built into the motor.
It is homologated and come complete with drawing to match the homologation.
The Cadet ROK is air-cooled. 
The engine package comes complete with:
Carburettor Dell'Orto PHBG Ø 18 mm,
Fuel pump, 
Homologated exhaust muffler,
Centrifugal clutch,
On-off push-button panel,
Battery support,
Electrical wiring loom,
Intake silencer (Airbox),
REV limited at 11.000 rpm.
The Cadet ROK is 5.5hp.
The Cadet ROK engine goes on a specially designed GP chassis for this class. The GP Cadet Kart.