Mini ROK Rain Cover

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The GreyHound Mini ROK Rain Cover the is optimal way to protect your engine in the rain.

With it quick mounting system of a O-Ring/Bungy you can fit it securely in seconds. The GeryHound Rain Cover has been designed to not hinder the performance of your engine in 2 ways!

Firstly, the large breathing hole in the back for air to enter, thus not chocking the motor like other products on the market.

Secondly, the aerodynamic design allows air to get the engine. When you put a great big bucket in front of you "air cooled" engine no air can get to it.

Ask any great engine builder with a Dyno: "What happens to my engines Horsepower from the 1st engine pull to the 3rd or 4th pull on the dyno?" They will tell you your air cooled engine drops a great deal of power. This is because the engine is getting hot!!

No longer supplied with stainless clips, O-Ring fits over cover and airbox.