Rib Vest

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The GreyHound Rib Vest has to be the one of the best Rib Vests on the current market. It is made from a sturdy Fiberglass outer shell with a soft foam inner, which is designed to take all the impacts before it gets to your rib cage.

Its 3 piece design makes it so comfortable when fitted to the body. The people at GreyHound know that not everyone is the same body shape. The left and right sides of the rib vest are independent of each other. They are connected together by a big padded Velcro strap on the back. This way you can shape the vest to your body angle.

I have had a lot of customers who have come to me with rib problems. They have tried the GreyHound Rib Vest and had no problems.

I personally can not drive with out it.