Arrive and Drive

Turn up at the track on race-day and your kart will be waiting for you. Your kart shining in the sun, tyres at the right pressure, gear ratio set, fueled up, scrutineered and ready to go. All you need to do is get in and drive. Sounds ideal doesn't it. That's NZED Motorsport Arrive and Drive.


Who is it for:

Anyone with a love for motor-racing but is time poor and/or has no interest or capability in the mechanical side of the sport. Suits ages 6 to 60's.


What do you get:

The kart is stored, prepared and transported for you for every outing.

Race day support including scrutineering, setup, tuning and flag marshalling if required.


How much does it cost:

Each race or practice day costs around $460.00 per day plus consumables.

Race preparation costs around $300.00 plus parts

Transport to events outside Auckland is extra.


What do you provide:

Just the kart and your race gear and a passion for racing.

See here for kart prices.


How do you get started:

Contact : Daniel Bray,

Phone : 021 0407968

He will sort it all out for you.