Parolin Opportunity (950 Mini Kart)

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The Parolin young-aimed line of chassis is made of seamless special Chrome-Molly steel tubes of 28mm diameter.

High-precision tube cutting and welding are performed using laser technology machines, while tube bending is processed through high-tech CNC machines. Chassis is a wheelbase of 950mm for Mini ROK and Cadet ROK. For New Zealand rules we will be allowed to run the 950mm from 2020 in Cadet and Mini Rok.

The 30mm rear axle is supported by two bearings, and it’s available in three different pipe compounds: soft, medium and hard.

Wheels: NZed Motorsport have done an amazing deal with Parolin, normally the kart would come with 110/140mm wheels made of aluminium (this is to go with the European mini kart trye). When you by the kart from NZed Motorsport you will get the CORRECT wheel size of the dunlop tyre, 130/130 and in Magnesium. The front wheel becomes a bolt on front wheel and comes with its front hub. This saves you $1095!!!! There will be the option to exchange for the 140 rear wheel with kart orders as of mid December.

The new aerodynamic streamlined bodyworks Eurostar Mini are designed and produced within Parolin Racing Kart's facilities. The chassis is powder coated in Parolin shiny red colour.

N-Zed Motorsport will only be stocking the Motorsport version of the Parolin 950 which has a self-adjusting hydraulic brake system with radial fittings and equipped with top features. 

If you would like the basic version we will have to order this is for you.


NZed Motorsport has a full range of spares for the Parolin 950 in stock.