Driver Training

Ever spent a day at the practice track trying (and failing) to go faster. Is it the kart, or the track or the setup or just the driver. You can't know. With no-one to advise (or worse still, someone who is guessing), its just a lottery and a very frustrating one. Driver coaching with a world class driver takes all the variables out of practice day and builds skill and confidence. In many cases the improvement is seconds per lap not just tenths.

Who is it for:
Anyone who is serious about improving their performance. Age 6 to 60's

What do you get:
The full attention of International Karting Champion Daniel Bray, on track with you or your child for up to 3 hours each session. He will guide you on the right lines to drive, where to brake and how to brake, where to turn in, when to get on the throttle and how hard. Importantly, Daniel makes sure the kart is set up properly before each run so the only variable is driving technique.

How much does it cost:
Starting from $460 per 1/2 day session in Auckland.

What do you provide:
You only need your kart and race gear (helmet, race suit, gloves and boots).

How do you get started:

Contact : Daniel Bray,

Phone : 021 0407968