Xeramic Lubricants

Daniel Bray of N-Zed Motorsport has become New Zealand’s first importer of these state of the art high-tech, kart-specific lubricants.

The Xeramic products have been specifically designed for racing applications where high revolutions, high loads and high temperatures prevail.

This partnership was established through Daniel’s recent travels to Europe to compete in the European Championship and the World Cup.

Over 80% of the top European teams use Xeramic products in their engines and on their karts, winning countless European and World Championships.
By being developed in co-operation with leading engine manufacturers and world famous engine tuners, these unique products leave others on the market far behind. For example TEC-SAV will only allow Xeramic products to be used when leasing their world championship winning engines.


N-Zed Motorsport has a wide range of Xeramic products in stock.