Xeramic Kart Lubricants

World Championship Winning Oil Now Available In NZ!


N-Zed Motorsport is pleased to announce its partnership with Xeramic Kart Lubricants.

Daniel Bray of N-Zed Motorsport has become New Zealand’s first importer of these state of the art high-tech, kart-specific lubricants.

The Xeramic products have been specifically designed for racing applications where high revolutions, high loads and high temperatures prevail.


This partnership was established through Daniel’s recent travels to Europe to compete in the European Championship and the World Cup.
Over 80% of the top European teams use Xeramic products in their engines and on their karts, winning countless European and World Championships.
By being developed in co-operation with leading engine manufacturers and world famous engine tuners, these unique products leave others on the market far behind. For example TEC-SAV will only allow Xeramic products to be used when leasing their world championship winning engines.


N-Zed Motorsport has a wide range of Xeramic products in stock.

These include:

• Castor Evolution 2T Kart Racing Oil. (Castor Synthetic Blend).

• Synmax Full Synthetic 2T Kart Racing Oil.

• KZ Kart Transmission Oil – Full synthetic, low friction. Designed especially for manual KZ gearboxes.

• Rotax/KF Gear oil – Designed for the 125cc engine. Reduces wear and is temperature resistant. Low friction, designed for optimum horsepower from your 125cc engine.

• X40 Ceramic Multi Spray – General maintenance lubricant with high-tech ceramic material for optimum and long life protection. Great to replace your low budget handyman spray.

• Brake Fluid DOT4 – Has been specifically developed for the high temperatures needed in kart racing.

• Ceramic White Chain Spray – This is an advanced chain lubricant with superb adhesion reducing wear and friction.

• Ceramic Synthetic Chain Lubricant – The optimum product in chain protection. This unique lubricant does not dry out, keeping the chain flexible and cool. Perfect for winning the championships. 

• Brake Cleaner – A biodegradable multi-cleaner that does not corrode plastic or rubber components. 

• Hand Cleaner – Finally, when finished the weekend, this hand cleaner will remove stubborn grease and grime with a citrus scent. Perfect for the man-cave or trailer. 


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