Alfano 6

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The Alfano 6 is the latest and greatest in the world of Alfano Data Loggers. 

The Alfano 6 is equipped with a high capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery. The battery lasts over 3 months of average competition use. ( It still can be connected up to a external power source as an option).

Alfano has built the GPS unit into the Alfano 6 standard, so no longer do you need to buy the GPS unit extra.

Alfano 6 has Bluetooth inbuilt so it can connect to your device for download with out a cable. 

Alfano 6 is equipped with 8 individually configurable LEDs, with the possibility to choose the color and the activation values. You can choose to activate the 6 LEDs in the center of the Alfano 6, either for the RMP, the exhaust temp, the delta lap time or the delta intermediate time throughout the lap. The 2 external LEDs are configurable for temperature alarms ie, water and exhaust.

You are able to configure your own page layouts, this way you can put your lap time, RPM, exhaust and water temps, delta time, speed, gear indicator and so on, where you would like them on your screen.


There are 2 options, T1 (1x Temp port), T2 (2x Temp port). Normally the T2 option has to be ordered in. T1 is normally in stock.