Eccentric Easy Castor/Camber M10

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New for 2020 the Eccentric Easy Castor/Camber kit comes on all Parolin karts.

This system is to replace the Eccentric Round Cam system. It can be fitted to all 2019 Chassis.

0:) Complete Eccentric Easy Castor/Camber M10 Cod. 30RFGI10

 1:) Eccentric Base Cod. 10RFG01/B

2:) Eccentric Burnished Cod. 10RFG03/B 

3:) Eccentric Camber Ring Cod. 10RFG04/B

4:) Eccentric Castor Adjuster Nut Cod. 10RFG05/B

5:) Countersunk Cap, M4x8 Cod. 10RFG05/B

6:) Grub Screw, M5x25 Cod. 20GBR525

7:) Capscrew M4x6 Cod. 20VB04006